City Clerk


Bridget Epps
City Clerk
417-334-3262, ext. 5030
Hours:  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

                                                                                        Lisa Hart                                                            Chris White                                                                 
                                                                   Administrative Assistant                                           Utility Clerk                                                             

                   Olivia Stephens                                                    Annette Wood
                Office Clerk                                                           Office Clerk

The City Clerk is the official record keeper of the City.  She is responsible for minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other vital records. The City Clerk authenticates by signature all ordinances, resolutions, and attests to contracts. She administers the oath of office to elected officials and certain employees. The City Clerk also prepares documents for candidate filing for city elections & certifies election ballots. The City Clerk maintains the custody of the official seal of the city.

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for a wide variety of services for the public. The department has a staff of 4 that works with the City Clerk, and provide the following services:

  • Request for public city records
  • Citizen questions & complaints
  • Utility billing and collection
  • Voter Registration
  • Application & Collection of all City Revenues
  • New Business License and Annual renewals     
  • Annual Dog and Cat License
  • Building Permits
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Special Event Permits
  • Rezoning Applications
  • Plat & Re-plat Applications
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Applications Water, Sewer, Trash Service
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